Psych Ward Greeting Cards Program

What happens to the cards we don't sell?

We print a lot of greeting cards, and often times there are ones with minor imperfections - a small dent on a corner, a crooked fold, slight discoloration - that make the cards unsellable. However, these "imperfect" cards remain perfectly usable and appreciated by many.

We donate these cards to ForLikeMinds and their Psych Ward Greeting Cards Program. This program was created by ForLikeMinds to deliver greeting cards from strangers to mental health patients at participating hospitals, including the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic at New York Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Sharing even a simple written message that a person can hold in their hands, can have a wonderful impact on a mental health patient who might be at a low. ForLikeMinds touches thousands of people via this program. We have donated hundreds of cards, and plan to continue doing so.